"The secret to a successful career in any field is good PR. Forget results. Forget the facts. Perception is all that matters."

One of the best Public Relations (PR) companies in Pune, 9W Media helps build your company as a brand. Having understood our client’s requirements to the core, we propose customized PR and marketing campaigns to achieve desired goals. We are the link between individuals or big industries and the public.

We brainstorm and innovate for interesting newsworthy events that our clients can participate in, which would give them presence in Print, Radio, and News channels. From writing press releases for the media and organizing Press Conferences to create that connect between journalists and the client, 9W Media has commendable connects with all media to ensure excellent client presence.


We have also taken on projects involving celebrity management and crisis management. The aim of PR is to inform the public and the many stakeholders about the brand, and persuade them to maintain a positive attitude towards the brand and the organization, along with its leaders, products, and its decisions.


The credibility that is generated due to good PR stays on far longer than any form of paid advertising. PR helps build the reputation of a brand, and manage its perception amongst the masses.



Press or print media is an important medium of getting in touch with your targeted audience. Organization uses press release as a medium to get in touch with the larger audience. Press release are basically an official statement by the organization. It can of anything related to organization. Example: announcement of bonus, issuing of shares, stakeholders, product launch etc.



Electronic Media consist of news channels, websites, radio, news app & blogs etc. This has a much wide range of people getting affected to the announcement made by the organization. In addition to this with visual effects and sound the public have a better impact on it.

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