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New Trends in Public Relation

The main function of PR is to maintain positive reputation of the brand and build strategic relationship with the public and makes it seen honest successful and relevant, from raising brand awareness to attracting new customers, PR is highly beneficial to development of business and it is milestone in company’s marketing strategy.

Changing Approach of PR

Public Relation is not just about arranging press conferences and press release; it is far more than this.

Traditional ways of PR is going to slow down after 2018. Increasing use of modern technology is changing the whole functioning of Traditional PR. It is becoming more about global and digital.

PR is becoming more specific

Public Relation is now becoming more and more specific. Defining a target audience is critical but important part of segmentation. Carefully targeting your audience can have a greater impact in building strategic business plan.

PR owning Media

Owned media are the channels operated by organization itself, they can be websites, social media platforms, and magazines. This is the new face of Public Relation. The benefits of owned Media are you can control the content. It is very flexible and cost effective.

Another important trend in media is paid news or paid publicity. In simple words Advertising. PR is a great combination of advertising and editorials. These media platforms are strengths and social responsibility as well.

Creation of Content

Content creation is going to explode in 2018, it is going to increase 10 times the content created today, so PR needs to focus on creating excellent and useful content to grab attention.

PR and Digital Marketing merging in one firm

With the smart search engines and other social media platforms, PR and digital Marketing are going with hand in hand, these two different platforms are going to merge in some years. PR is becoming digital day by day

Use of Digital Storytelling will help PR to accommodate digital platform, sharing your business space with customers, your passion, struggles, and success stories these kind of communication to constantly engage them.

Be the 1st to see the negative conversation going on in market about your company and be ready to solve the problems at initial stage

Quantitative and Qualitative Results

People always tend to check popularity of brand; they find comfort in seeing specific numbers of followers, page likes, views, interaction where they can easily compare between different brands. These quantitative results help customers in decision making, while quantitative measures are easy to compare, what about brands development, loyalty and service? This is where PR needs to focus and match the level of quantity and quality.

PR Spending goes up

PR is becoming more crucial part of business development, so overall spending on PR is going to increase in recent years. Businesses hiring Public Relation agencies to maintain their positive image of their business in market. You can not be in business without Social media presence and a good PR team

PR promotes brand by using editorial content appearing on all communication platforms like newspaper, TV, radio, magazines, and blogs